Concept and branding. Gender neutral and contemporary
design of period products for all menstruating people.

Packaging design includes tampons, cups and period underwear.
The name “Bluto” stems from the German Word “Blut” for eng. blood and the slogan means “Menstruate with me.”


Concept, Branding, Copywriting



The chosen colour scheme is bold and reflects the nature of the topic, bright red being thr main colour. To symbolize the different types of bloodflow and varying degrees of bleeding, a deep purple and a color gradient round it off.

The copywriting makes use of wordplays on the products themselves, german phrases and dialect. Gender neutrality is an important part of the project and different kinds of menstruating people are shown. “Menstruierer” is a german neologism as the “male” german form of “Menstruator”.



The used mockups are sourced from and