Caroline Birkel M.A.

I’m Caroline Birkel from Trier, Germany. Working as a freelance Illustrator and Graphic Designer since 2014. While I like my graphic design quite clean, my illustrations and portraits are as messy and weird as I am. Spending a semester at the Academy of Fine Arts Gdańsk in Poland, I rediscovered my love for painting and printing techniques. I finished my Master’s Degree with honors at the University of Applied Sciences Trier where I took a deep dive into teaching and design thinking. I am madly in love with strange portraits, clean typography and joyful childrens books.



Exhibitions, Publications & Awards


2024 / Exhibition at the “Kulturschaufenster” in Trier

2023 / Exhibition “Rock & Paper” featuring Cane Yo Artists at Ace Art Gallery in Gibraltar 

2023 / Cane Yo Group Exhibition “Wish you were here2” at Dalek Art Gallery in Antwerp
from 13 – 28th of May  and opening on Antwerp Art Weekend

2022 / Digital Exhibition in „Sketchbook Vol.2“, Blanco Gallery London

2022 / Interview „7aufeinenStrich“

2022 / Bookillustration of “Carlos – bei den Römern” published at Buchfinkverlag 

2021 / Illustration Childrens Book „Was los Papa?“, SEKIS RLP

2020 / Member of the international and digital art collective “Cane Yo”

2020 / Bookillustration of “Carlos – Meine allerliebsten Lieblingsfreunde” published at Buchfinkverlag

2018 – 2020 / Holder of the Mary Somerville Scholarship, Lectureship “Gestaltungsgrundlagen 2D / Institut Intrare”
Teaching for Prof. Anna Bulanda-Pantalacci, University of Applied Sciences Trier

2019 / Bookillustration of “Carlos” published at Buchfinkverlag

2018 / Lecturer at “Tag der Lehre” University of Applied Sciences Trier

2018 / Exhibition Curator “Befrei dich vom Müll” Mergener Hof Trier

2017 / Special award “Lehrpreis der Hochschule Trier” for my Workshopconcept “Zeichnen Zirkeltraining”

2016 / Publication „Franz und Gloria – Lasercut Letterpress“
in the book “Making of Artistic Typefaces” from

2016 / Solo-Exhibition „Bunt Unbunt“ at Astarix Trier from June 1st – October 15th
2016 / Workshop Character Design 101– Teaching the basics of Character Design

2016 / Exhibition of the “Weird” Portraitseries at Kunstrasen Festival Trier

2016 / Essay publication “Lorem Ipsum-Ein alter Hut?” exhibition catalouge “Generator 2016.”

2015/16 / Features of my work „Franz und Gloria“ and typeface „Kalinka“ on the designplatforms, and

2015 / Publication of „Franz und Gloria – Lasercut Letterpress“ in the yearbook of the Hochschule Trier for Buchmesse Leipzig, showing the best works from 2010 – 2015

2014 / “MerhabaHalloHola” – Erasmus Exhibition in Gdańsk

2013 / „50° 5‘ N / 12° 22‘ O – Eine Ausstellung der Fotografie“ Photography group exhibition

2012 / Performance Art “Claypeople” at the Kultursommer Festival in Trier

2012 – 2013 / 1st Place Posterdesigncontest Gendermainstreaming with Travelexhibition of my winning poster through thirteen cities in RLP