Pedagogical Concepts


Preliminary project to my upcoming and final masterthesis in terms of the principles of Art and Design teaching. Five differentiating concepts were developed over the course of multiple semesters and brought together in tacked pamphlets.


#1 – Working with the 2nd Semester Communication Design at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. Planning and conducting the course “Gestaltungsgrundlagen 2D”, focusing upon Murals and Urban Art as a way of teaching design and illustration basics.

#2 – A student-run workshop concept to improve blithe and free drawing in times of stressfull student days.

#3 – Shining a light on the autodidacitc concept behind the Oil Painting Zines.

#4 – Content design and conduction of my Tutorium for “Einführung in digitale Malerei”.

#5 – Paper about the importance of design principles, adducing the works of Horst Janssen as a prime example.



Teaching Concepts, Editorial Design





With this project I won a special price for teaching at the University of Applied Sciences Trier. You can also read the other report by Portrait by © Isabela Ruf


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